Free printable greeting cards and wedding invitations

Welcome... to the concept of free printable greeting cards and wedding invitations which combines a classic and elegant style with a contemporary twist.

Now you can download beautifully designed greeting cards and wedding invitations to suit each of the meaningful occasions in your life.

We have Christmas cards, Valentines day cards, Mother's and Father's day cards, birthday cards and also a range of wedding invitation designs. We provide you with the design and expertise, whilst you do the rest.

If you are looking for the greeting cards and wedding invitations of your dreams, no need to look any further. Just try, and enjoy this concept! Our cards come in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan - very useful if you have foreign speaking friends or relatives. The different languages are available at the top of the page.

Christmas cards

Our galleires of free printable Christmas cards come in large and small size and we have over 20 designs. We also have cards especially designed for Christmas 2010.

                       Christmas card - Santa                     Christmas card - Gift                    Christmas card - Tree                    Christmas card - Robin
Printable Christmas card template - Father Christmas             Printable Christmas card template - Gift             Printable Christmas card template - Christmas Tree             Printable Christmas card template - Robin

We spend a lot of time and money choosing and buying birthday cards, Valentine’s day cards, Mother’s day cards and all sorts of occasion and greeting cards. This website now offers a range of printable FREE birthday cards and greeting cards for all occasions. Simply select the design you want, download and print onto card. The crosshairs show you where to cut and fold, then you are done. Couldn’t be simpler! Click on the menu to see our range of free greeting card designs. We will keep updating the range, so be sure to visit again.


Arthina also offers a range of beautifully designed printable wedding invitations for you to download completely free of charge. Depending on the design 100 simple wedding invitations could cost somewhere between £200 to £300 ($350-$500). Our concept allows you to reduce that cost significantly, whilst also allowing you to experiment with the design you like the most. You can download one of our designs in ppt format, personalize the message and print off as many as you like. You can always test several designs and get a consensus. Click on the menu to see our range of downloadable wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation examples

Wedding invitations

If you are getting married, why not have a look at our selection of free printable wedding invitations? We have over 30 different designs in our galleries and the designs are available in five languages.

 Wedding Invitation - Blue                               Wedding Invitation - Red                               Wedding Invitation - Purple
Printable wedding invitation template - blue ribbon                Printable wedding invitation template - red ribbon                  Printable wedding invitation template - Purple ribbon


Please take a look at the short video below showing how to print and create your own greeting cards using the designs that can be downloaded from galleries in this website.

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